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Preserving Our Past. Building Our Legacy.

The Maryland Masonic Homes, commonly known as Bonnie Blink, opened its doors in 1934 to provide a home to aged and poor health individuals. Since then the Homes have grown into a well established and respected retirement community, providing a complete continuum of care. For 77 years, the Mission of Bonnie Blink has remained the same:

"To provide excellent care in a safe, affordable, dignified, quality environment for eligible Masons and their families, in keeping with Masonic principles, providing for expansion, which maintaining financial viability."

Masons are drawn to Bonnie Blink because of the well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding services and quality care. Residents value the security of having their medical needs met by an exceptional Medical Team and Nursing Staff while enjoying the comforts of fellowship with other Masons. Bonnie Blink integrates the Masonic values into the community.

Bonnie Blink has long stood as a beacon of hope for Maryland Masons and their families, regardless of their personal situations. If there is a medical need, Bonnie Blink has the clinical tools necessary to assist and provide comfort. If there is a financial need, Bonnie Blink is proud to offer Financial Assistance to qualifying brothers and their families in order to ease the burden.

For the past 78 years, Bonnie Blink not only has met the expectations laid before it, but has exceeded what the original builders could have imagined. As a community, we have certainly accomplished all of those things expected of us, and more, but we can not go much further without additional support.The strategic direction we are headed is toward modernization. This direction will not change who we are, only how well we are able to continue to care for our Brothers and Sisters.

Bonnie Blink has long sustained itself on the monies in the Endowment Fund. This fund was used to build and furnish the community as it is known today. We strive to move forward, however there are many upgrades that are needed. Charitable donations to Maryland Masonic Homes will ensure Bonnie Blink’s mission for generations to come.

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