The observance of Veterans Day is our opportunity to recognize the brave men and women who have served our country – remembering their service, sacrifice, and dedication to this country. Thank you for your service.⁣

Two men tend to flowers outside on a sunny day
Husband and wife enjoy coffee together in their kitchen
View of a kitchen table with decorative light fixture hanging above
View of a stone building with flowers in the foreground
Two elderly women smiling together
Woman enjoying gelato outside
Sunny photo of a verdant courtyard
Sunny view of a stone pation with a table and umbrella
Physical therapist helping a woman with finger exercise
Elderly woman enjoying painting
Interior of a large chapel with sunlight shining through stained glass windows
Fancy presentation of dessert
Smiling man waters flowers outside
View of a large stone building with a clock tower
Pysical therapist helps older man with an exercise using a ball
Cheescake on disply with chef working in the background
Pond with a fountain surrounded by green hills
Sunlight shining through stained glass window casting a multicolor pattern on pews
Two elderly women in wheelchairs chatting outside
Older woman holds up her artwork
Outisde of stone building with green grass and trees
Elderly woman in hall way looks outside
Dining room with artwork and sculptures
Elderly man playing bingo
Elderly woman raises her glass
Elderly woman in hall way looks outside
Dining room with artwork and sculptures
Road leads to the horizon with a beautiful red sunset above
Nicely plated dinner on wood table
A convention booth with brochures and giveaways